Who is Suvanto for?

Suvanto Care services offer safe living at home as well as moving outside. Easy-to-use and unobtrusive monitoring allows the user to quickly get help on site whenever needed. With the help of the service, relatives, friends and caregivers receive information about the user’s well-being and can easily keep in touch with the resident.

Suvanto Care service is ideal as an aid to the seniors at home to support full-fledged living. It can also be included as part of the housing support for a person with reduced mobility or other disabilities. The service enables independent living everywhere, both in cities and sparsely populated areas.

Safety devices for the seniors at home

In Suvanto Care service, the emphasis is on unobtrusive but close monitoring, in which the resident does not have to intervene in the operation. Thus, Suvanto service is effortless and pleasant even for the person being monitored. High-quality and care-based safety services for the seniors are on the rise, as home care is perceived as the most pleasant option instead of institutional care.

Suvanto Care provides safety to those living alone, as it makes it easy to get help, even if you cannot ask for it yourself. With Suvanto Care service, the care relationship is flexible and creates closer cooperation between the care personnel and the customer’s inner circle.

Versatile Suvanto Care Home service is an accurate safety service for the seniors and other people with disabilities. On the Go service, on the other hand, frees up movement even outside the home. Accurate monitoring devices quickly learn to identify their user’s tasks, enabling real-time abnormalities to be logged into the Suvanto Care application.

Aid products for the home and home care providers

Suvanto Care service directs the care provider’s support measures in a more targeted way to the customer, as it provides good information about the customer’s well-being. Caregivers, such as home care, have a clear and comprehensive picture of the customer’s life situation, which facilitates the emergence of a care relationship. Safety services for the seniors also significantly ease the workload of the caregivers.

It is easier for caregivers to organize the working day on the basis of information sent by customers to Suvanto Care services – they know to visit customers who require fast measures on time. This gives the caregiver more time to face each customer in a leisurely and peaceful manner.

Suvanto Care brings the relationship between the customer’s relatives and caregivers closer together. Taking care of taking safety aids for the seniors at home and maintaining a smooth connection between the various actors will alleviate the situation for everyone. It is easy to agree on treatment matters through the Suvanto Care service.

Suvanto Care for the public sector

Suvanto Care also promotes the provision of effective care for the public sector. It improves the quality of care by making work prioritization more effective. The real need for customer care as well as time spent at work meet better, which provides more leisurely customer encounters.

Care work can be carried out cost-effectively, as customer visits can be planned to be done better when needed. As a whole, Suvanto Care serves all parties in a variety of ways, as safe home care is in the interest of each of us.

Suvanto Care Oy is a Finnish company whose equipment and service package consisting of a technical solution are designed and produced in Finland. Key flag symbol guarantees the Finnish origin of our service.

With the help of Suvanto Care, loved ones and caregivers get real-time information about the well-being of the senior. Thus, unnecessary worries of loved ones and caregivers are eliminated, unnecessary routine visits are reduced and help can be directed to the right time and need. The time saved can be used for non-urgent visits.

Suvanto Care enables the seniors to live in a familiar environment for as long as possible. The objective is to provide a safe and peaceful old age that creates a strong sense of safety for both seniors and relatives. Suvanto Care service package is carefully implemented according to the customer needs.

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