Suvanto® OnTheGo provides safety wherever – at home and outside home

A safety locator, handily kept on a person, automatically alerts as needed if the person falls or leaves a predefined area. Help can be summoned using the SOS button on the Along device, which also gives the helper location data of the call for help. The device can also be used as a speaker phone – it can be called directly by telephone.

The location of a Suvanto® OnTheGo user can be easily determined either by the helpers or by the user themself with a press of a button.


This is how the Suvanto® OnTheGo service works


Produces an alert into a mobile application:

  • By the press of the SOS button
  • When a fall is detected
  • When the locator battery is depleted
  • When the locator is turned off
  • When leaving the predefined area



Contact us via email or phone +358 505 747 305



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