Ensures your safety


Suvanto® Home observes the daily life of an elderly person in a way that respects their privacy. Thanks to it, an aging person can safely live in their own home as long as they themself want.

The system, working completely automatically and without disturbing the life of the client, learns the daily routines of the inhabitant and collects data about the changes that occur. Based on the continuous data, helpers can make inferences on the changes in the well-being of the inhabitant. Suvanto® Home automatically alerts about essential anomalies.


This is how the Suvanto® Home service works

Suvanto® Home 

  • Observes – unobtrusively the everyday life of a personLearns – the routines and daily rhythm of a person
  • Infers – whether the behaviour deviates from normal
  • Informs – all parties in real time
  • Alerts – close relatives and other helpers on essential anomalies and need for help




Contact us via email myynti@suvantocare.fi or phone +358 505 747 305

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