Suvanto® Care

Suvanto® Care helps close relatives, care providers, and the public sector to enable high-quality care for those needing support for living at home.

Suvanto is a service solution that strongly supports care processes, is based on intelligent technology, and benefits all parties. In order to verify the benefits of Suvanto digital care, we have remodelled care processes with the aid of technology. We believe that, by mere disconnected production of technology, effectiveness will not be attained.

Our population is aging; that we cannot help. What we can do is to utilize technology so that the elderly can live in their own homes if they so wish.

Thanks to Suvanto Care:

  • an elderly person can safely live in their own home, both in the countryside and in cities
  • the feeling of safety of the elderly is improved
  • the worries of close relatives are reduced
  • care services offered at home can be targeted better towards the needs at the right time
  • caretakers and relatives always have the latest status information
  • unnecessary false alarms are reduced
  • help and support are available when needed

By combining self-learning technology with well-being evaluation, expenses in elderly care are reduced in assisted living, home care, as well as hospital care, and the inhabitant’s well-being improves at the same time.

Suvanto Care makes it possible for people needing special support (such as the elderly, handicapped, and people with memory-related diseases) to safely live at home alone. By producing status information on anomalies in the inhabitant’s well-being to the relatives, caretakers and others in need of the information, it is possible to react quickly even to possible illnesses by anticipating the changes occurring in the state of personal well-being on a long time spectrum.

The status information also helps in decision making, e.g. in questions relating to need for care. Other necessary devices, such as a scale, blood pressure gauge or a thermometer, can be attached to Suvanto Care. Data from the measurement devices is automatically transferred to the Suvanto system when the devices are used. Suvanto also enables video calls between the inhabitant and relatives or the care providers.

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