Suvanto Video Call is an easy, hassle-free and safe way to get in touch

Suvanto Video Call enables flexible communication between loved ones and home care with seniors living at home as a video call. The home terminal is constantly on standby and its clear user interface also enables an automatic opening of a video call connection.

Suvanto Care’s easy video Call is an effortless and safe way to get in touch if you or someone close to you is worried about a senior’s situation and coping at home. Making a video call alleviates the yearning of the senior when there would otherwise be no opportunity to meet face to face.

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Suvanto Video Call is a service launched by Suvanto Care that brings seniors living alone, relatives and caregivers in the care circle close to each other and provides safely. The situation is further emphasized when we and the world live in exceptional circumstances. Those who are important to us are alone at home, in service homes or care facilities, and we may not be able to visit them.

Suvanto Video Call is clear and easy to use

In Suvanto Video Call service, a terminal is supplied to the senior’s home with the Suvanto Video Call application and a SIM card pre-installed. The tablet is placed on the included table stand, the power cord is plugged into the wall, and the tablet is turned on. Members of the care ring download the Suvanto Video Call application to their smartphone and make a video call to the resident’s home. This makes an easy video call for the senior possible. 

The video call video connection can be set to open automatically after a short ring delay, or it can also be switched on so that the person at the end of the tablet presses the green handset. Thanks to the clear user interface, trouble-free night calls are also possible. Making a video call is easy and the parties can see each other from their own terminals. 

Suvanto Video Call allows real-time video calls between relatives and caregivers in different locations. The caller has the Suvanto Care application on their phone, the respondent only needs to show up. 

Relatives and carergivers can, if they wish, connect to the terminal in addition to the mobile application also from a computer browser. When the video call ens, the respondent does not need to do anything. When the video terminal in the resident’s home is in standby mode, it can display the resident’s photos, for example. 

Suvanto Video call enables remote visits of home care and relatives

In the Suvanto Care service package, all care-supporting technology operates on the same platform, with continuous electronic communication with the customer’s care chain. Thus, remote visits of home care and relatives and the implementation of network and care meetings can be handled remotely using a video call. 

With the help of the Suvanto Care Video Call service, the municipality’s home visit according to the current model can be handled flexibly as a remote visit. Thus, making a video call to a senior replaces a traditional home visit. The cost of a Suvanto Care remote visit is approximately five times cheaper than a municipal home visit. 

Suvanto Video Call can be incorporated to support the daily lives of a senior living alone. Alongside the Suvanto Home service, Suvanto Video Call complements the solution, so that the senior’s health check-ups can be handled easily and safely as a remote visit. When the Suvanto DoseCan Medication Reminder service is added to the system, it is also possible to support the senior’s medication and coping at home even better. 

Suvanto Care service package can be carefully tailored according to the customer needs. If your loved one needs support to cope at home or you need the Suvanto Video Call service to keep in touch with a senior, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to tell you more! 

This is how Suvanto Video Call
-service works

Communication between relatives and home care

Suvanto Video Call allows you to easily establish a video call connection to the resident’s home from the Suvanto Care application used by a relative and a caregiver.

  • Video call terminal always on at home and mobile application for relatives and caregivers
  • Video call connection between caregivers and relatives and a person living at home
  • Caregiver’s and relative’s video call connection can be made from a computer browser interface and mobile application
  • Clear user interface in the home terminal also enables the automatic opening of a video call connection and, if necessary, also trouble-free night calls




In addition to the central unit, Suvanto Home service includes various sensors that discreetly monitor movement at home, opening doors, sleep, as well as the use of electrical equipment.

On the Go

Suvanto On the Go service provides safety both at home and outdoors. Safety locator that accompanies the person automatically alerts if the person falls down or leaves a specified area.

Medication Reminder

DoseCan makes daily life easier! It automatically reminds the senior to take medication according to the medication schedule. DoseCan medication reminder can be integrated into the Suvanto Care service platform.

Smart Lock

Suvanto Smart Lock makes keys obsolete. Thanks to a smart lock installed on your front door, unlocking your door is easy using the Suvanto Care mobile application.

Video Call

Suvanto Video Call allows remote communication even when face-to-face meetings are not possible. It makes it possible to alleviate the loneliness of the senior and challenges that come with it.

Conference video call

Video call is a safe and easy channel of communication between a senior living alone, caregivers and relatives.

Remote Measurement

Suvanto Remote Measurement enables active monitoring remotely, as measurements taken at home are automatically transferred to the Suvanto Care application used by loved ones and caregivers. Remote Measurement also alerts if there are any discrepancies in the results.


Suvanto Care system learns a person’s routines and circadian rhythm, and concludes whether the behaviour is abnormal. This will determine if the senior sleeps poorly, exercises too little or does not eat well.

Emergency Phone

With the help of a Suvanto Emergency Phone you can quickly call for help. The Emergency Phone is extremely easy to use and reliable!


Suvanto On-Call is alert at all times! It offers a modern way of receiving and handling safety alarms from customers.

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