Suvanto Smart Lock – the safer way to get in

Suvanto Smart Lock makes keys obsolete. Thanks to a smart lock installed on your front door, unlocking your door is easy using the Suvanto Care mobile application. An electric lock makes things smoother, especially for home care, but also for family members and the residents themselves. A remotely controlled lock is secure and extremely safe – no outsider has any kind of access to the electric lock! The Suvanto Smart Lock service provides a solution that is great for both houses and apartments equipped with entrance intercoms.

Suvanto Smart Lock registers every instance of using the door and logs them automatically into Suvanto Diary. Suvanto Diary makes it possible to monitor aspects such as how the resident comes and goes, visits, and home care visits based on the logged data. A smart lock installed on the front door also ensures that the resident has no need to let any outsiders in.

Suvanto Smart Lock is neat and compact. If required, it can easily be uninstalled and reinstalled to another location without harming the door or the lock.

Suvanto Smart Lock – a Finnish solution

Adding a smart lock to your door and including it to your Suvanto Care service package is easy and supports independent living for the elderly. Thanks to Suvanto Smart Lock, staying in their own homes is smoother and safer for seniors.

Implementing a Suvanto Smart Lock requires no changes to the existing lock. So, you can continue using your traditional keys just like before even after installing the new smart lock. Thus, there is no need to worry about losing access to the apartment or depending on the mobile application alone. Suvanto Smart Lock requires no other equipment than the lock itself – all functions are available on the user’s smartphone via the application. 

An electric lock for home care – goodbye to key troubles

The best smart lock offers a positive experience and ease for home care’s everyday operations! Carers no longer need to waste time in handing over keys between shifts, back and forth, and you do not need to carry a heavy keychain around with you. It also significantly increases work safety for carers who must move around alone and late at night.

An electric lock also makes things smoother in emergency situations. Should a resident fall and call for help over the emergency phone, the carer no longer needs to visit the office to pick up the keys first – they can go directly to the site and provide help faster. Family members also benefit from easier access to their loved ones when there is no need to have spare keys made and carry them around. An electric lock provides smoother access also in situations when the resident is no longer able to unlock the door themselves.




In addition to the central unit, Suvanto Home service includes various sensors that discreetly monitor movement at home, opening doors, sleep, as well as the use of electrical equipment.

On the Go

Suvanto On the Go service provides safety both at home and outdoors. Safety locator that accompanies the person automatically alerts if the person falls down or leaves a specified area.

Medication Reminder

DoseCan makes daily life easier! It automatically reminds the senior to take medication according to the medication schedule. DoseCan medication reminder can be integrated into the Suvanto Care service platform.

Smart Lock

Suvanto Smart Lock makes keys obsolete. Thanks to a smart lock installed on your front door, unlocking your door is easy using the Suvanto Care mobile application.

Video Call

Suvanto Video Call allows remote communication even when face-to-face meetings are not possible. It makes it possible to alleviate the loneliness of the senior and challenges that come with it.

Conference video call

Video call is a safe and easy channel of communication between a senior living alone, caregivers and relatives.

Remote Measurement

Suvanto Remote Measurement enables active monitoring remotely, as measurements taken at home are automatically transferred to the Suvanto Care application used by loved ones and caregivers. Remote Measurement also alerts if there are any discrepancies in the results.


Suvanto Care system learns a person’s routines and circadian rhythm, and concludes whether the behaviour is abnormal. This will determine if the senior sleeps poorly, exercises too little or does not eat well.

Emergency Phone

With the help of a Suvanto Emergency Phone you can quickly call for help. The Emergency Phone is extremely easy to use and reliable!


Suvanto On-Call is alert at all times! It offers a modern way of receiving and handling safety alarms from customers.

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