Suvanto Medication Reminder supports the senior’s daily life

The Suvanto Cares DoseCan Medication Reminder provides relief and regularity to a senior’s daily life! It automatically reminds the senior to take medication according to the medication schedule. The medication reminder alerts the relative’s and caregiver’s phone and control view of missed medicine.

Suvanto Care is supporting the seniors in coping at home in their daily lives. Suvanto Care home safety devices ensure that the senior moves, sleeps, eats and takes medicines as desired. The medication reminder provides regularity to the senior’s life.

DoseCan Medication Reminder is a device fully integrated into Suvanto Care’s system platform that automatically reminds its users to take their medicines on time. This provides peace of mind to relatives and especially supports seniors living alone in their daily lives.

Does your loved one need help supporting their medication? Contact us and we will be happy to tell you more about how Suvanto Medication Reminder and other Suvanto Care services could promote and provide safety to a senior’s daily life.

Medication reminder works at home and on the go

Suvanto Medication Reminder helps healthcare personnel in care facilities, service homes and home care to make sure the medication is taken on time. This is done without compromising service and the quality of life of the senior.

Prescription medication can be dispensed into ready-made sachets in a pharmacy and the caregiver can conveniently place the medicine sachet roll in the medication reminder. The senior can easily take the medicine from the sachet by pressing it lightly on the plastic needle of the medicine tray. The medicine is then acknowledged taken by pressing the OK button on the device.

The medication reminder and the required doses of medicine can also be flexibly taken with you when you leave home. When returning home, the user puts the medication reminder back in the medicine container and reconnects the device to the mains. This is how the Suvanto Medication Reminder is ready to remind to take the next medicine.

Medication Reminder application provides real-time status information and creates safety for everyone

Medication Reminder integrated in the Suvanto Care service platform alerts a relative or caregiver in the smartphone application if medicine has not been taken at the right time. After receiving the alert, the caregiver takes it for processing and the information about it automatically goes to the other recipients as well. The caregiver calls the senior and reminds them to take the medicine. The caregiver then acknowledges that the alert has been processed.

Event information and the message entered by the caregiver in the application are stored in the Suvanto Care system in the customer’s own data. The Medication Reminder application provides important information to different parties and, if necessary, to the attending physician for treatment and medication planning.

Suvanto Care offers a new and innovative way of supporting seniors to take medication. DoseCan Medication Reminder, the Medication Reminder application and other Suvanto Care home safety devices communicate wirelessly with each other and form a seamless system that does not interfere with the daily life of the senior in any way.

Suvanto Care service package is very versatile and can be completely customized and expanded according to user needs. Do you also want these things made possible by Suvanto Care?

This is how Suvanto Medication Reminder
service works

DoseCan Medication Reminder

DoseCan Medication Reminder is a medication reminder fully integrated into Suvanto Care’s service platform, which automatically reminds the user to take medication according to the medication schedule. The system also alerts of missed medication. The medication schedule is managed through an easy-to-use browser interface.

  • Reminds to take medication according to the medication schedule
  • Alerts the relative’s and caregiver’s smartphone and control view of missed medicine




In addition to the central unit, Suvanto Home service includes various sensors that discreetly monitor movement at home, opening doors, sleep, as well as the use of electrical equipment.

On the Go

Suvanto On the Go service provides safety both at home and outdoors. Safety locator that accompanies the person automatically alerts if the person falls down or leaves a specified area.

Medication Reminder

DoseCan makes daily life easier! It automatically reminds the senior to take medication according to the medication schedule. DoseCan medication reminder can be integrated into the Suvanto Care service platform.

Smart Lock

Suvanto Smart Lock makes keys obsolete. Thanks to a smart lock installed on your front door, unlocking your door is easy using the Suvanto Care mobile application.

Video Call

Suvanto Video Call allows remote communication even when face-to-face meetings are not possible. It makes it possible to alleviate the loneliness of the senior and challenges that come with it.

Conference video call

Video call is a safe and easy channel of communication between a senior living alone, caregivers and relatives.

Remote Measurement

Suvanto Remote Measurement enables active monitoring remotely, as measurements taken at home are automatically transferred to the Suvanto Care application used by loved ones and caregivers. Remote Measurement also alerts if there are any discrepancies in the results.


Suvanto Care system learns a person’s routines and circadian rhythm, and concludes whether the behaviour is abnormal. This will determine if the senior sleeps poorly, exercises too little or does not eat well.

Emergency Phone

With the help of a Suvanto Emergency Phone you can quickly call for help. The Emergency Phone is extremely easy to use and reliable!


Suvanto On-Call is alert at all times! It offers a modern way of receiving and handling safety alarms from customers.

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