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Home living support services may raise a variety of operational, safety, or cost questions. Below you will find the most common questions with their answers.

Suvanto On the Go

Suvanto On the Go safety phone uses GPS satellites for locating. Satellites may not be accessible from the interior. Take the device out for a few minutes to a place with an open view of the sky. Then try to make an SOS alert or relocate the device from the application.

The battery life of the Suvanto On the Go locator is normally 1-2 weeks. Note, however, that the battery discharges much faster when the device is actively used.

The battery discharges faster, for example, if the locator is called, frequently located, or has out-of-area alerts. It is recommended that you charge the device battery every few days, but no later than as soon as you are notified that the battery is low.

Suvanto Home

The devices in the Suvanto Home system devices can be easily installed without tools. The detection units are attached to the desired locations with self-adhesive. Installation is easy by almost anyone with normal functionality in approximately half an hour by following the installation instructions. If you wish, you can also order an installation service from us.

The introduction of the Suvanto Home system does not require any electrical or construction work at home. Only one standard socket is required to which the Suvanto central unit can be connected. This makes the Suvanto Care system suitable for all types of apartments.

Suvanto Care smartphone application

There is no limit to the number of users of Suvanto Care and all users are included in the price of the service. Relatives and caregiver users can be added or modified later as needed.

Suvanto Care always transmits alerts to all users of the smartphone application in the care chain. The system forwards information to all parties as soon as any of them takes the alert for processing from the application. Once the alert has been processed, the application user can leave a message for others in the care chain in the application’s visible diary. The alert status and message are automatically forwarded to other parties immediately.

The Suvanto Care application can be installed on all Android and iPhone phones as well as tablets. You can install the app from the App Store or Google Play.

As of Android version 8, changing the application-specific notification sound is done in the application channel settings.

In Android version 7 and earlier, changing the Suvanto Care notification sound is done in the application settings.

Other questions

Yes you can. With Suvanto Care’s smartphone application, you get a continuous situational picture of your loved one’s daily life. When an abnormality is detected, the system alerts all smartphone application users, regardless of location.

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