Home safety devices for private individuals

Suvanto Care offers innovative home safety devices for seniors living alone. Suvanto Care provides safety to living alone and supports home care with unobtrusive technology, so help is constantly available in a timely manner.

In contrast to the traditional service provider model, a senior can be flexibly assisted not only by a caregiver but also by a relative, friend or volunteer. With Suvanto Care service, care responsibilities can be distributed smoothly and easily to all necessary parties.

Suvanto Care’s home safety devices create safe living conditions for seniors

With age, seniors face various problems related to mobility, functional ability, memory problems and illness. Thus, their relatives have a constant concern about how the seniors cope alone at home, independently in their daily lives, and far from their loved ones. Suvanto Care’s home safety devices and service package create safe living conditions for seniors and their relatives.

Suvanto Care wants to be open as an expert voice and a creator of safety, so if you are worried about the senior being able to cope alone in daily life, you can feel free to contact us! Together, we can map out the appropriate service package and the necessary safety devices for the home. Thus, the quality of life of the senior improves, the fear of loneliness disappears and the feeling of safety increases for everyone. Living in a familiar environment is also known to promote memory health.

Suvanto Care implements the necessary safety devices in the home

By acquiring Suvanto Care safety devices, relatives and care providers caring for the senior are constantly informed about their well-being. Indeed, care planning is always guided by real information. If something out of the ordinary happens in the daily life of the senior living alone or moving independently, helpers receive up-to-date information and help can be targeted at the right time. The time saved can be utilized for leisurely encounters with the senior.

Suvanto service package and home safety devices for the seniors are always carefully implemented according to customer needs. Suvanto Care’s home safety devices are ideal for use with partners such as home care and rehabilitation providers, as well as directly with private seniors in need of service.

Suvanto Care wireless home safety devices are easy to implement in almost any location. Personal safety devices have technology that allows the system to be expanded later. This allows the Suvanto Care product package to be tailored and expanded smoothly according to user needs. The wireless implementation of the system also enables easy reusability of the devices, which means that the customer also has the option of a shorter contract period.

Home safety devices detect the health of a senior and prevent serious accidents

Suvanto Care’s home safety devices work completely unobtrusively and automatically monitor the senior’s activity and changes in activity levels over time. These home safety devices learn the routines and circadian rhythms of the senior and detect abnormal behavioural events, such as leaving the interior at an abnormal time or having poor sleep or troubles eating.

By observing behaviour, it is possible to identify and address changes in the health status of the senior in a timely manner and prevent the occurrence of more serious accidents. Suvanto Care home safety devices have a fall detection function, which helps to solve the problem essentially related to living alone, when normally the majority of fall accidents go undetected completely or in good time.

Suvanto Care wants to act as a responsible partner in accordance with its values and provide peace and safety in old age. We want to support both private and public home care. We take responsibility for people, the company and the environment, and we want to keep our promises. Suvanto Care operates responsibly and respects the principles of sustainable development. In our operations, sustainability includes ecological, economic and social sustainability.

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In addition to the central unit, Suvanto Home service includes various sensors that discreetly monitor movement at home, opening doors, sleep, as well as the use of electrical equipment.

On the Go

Suvanto On the Go service provides safety both at home and outdoors. Safety locator that accompanies the person automatically alerts if the person falls down or leaves a specified area.

Medication Reminder

DoseCan makes daily life easier! It automatically reminds the senior to take medication according to the medication schedule. DoseCan medication reminder can be integrated into the Suvanto Care service platform.

Smart Lock

Suvanto Smart Lock makes keys obsolete. Thanks to a smart lock installed on your front door, unlocking your door is easy using the Suvanto Care mobile application.

Video Call

Suvanto Video Call allows remote communication even when face-to-face meetings are not possible. It makes it possible to alleviate the loneliness of the senior and challenges that come with it.

Conference video call

Video call is a safe and easy channel of communication between a senior living alone, caregivers and relatives.

Remote Measurement

Suvanto Remote Measurement enables active monitoring remotely, as measurements taken at home are automatically transferred to the Suvanto Care application used by loved ones and caregivers. Remote Measurement also alerts if there are any discrepancies in the results.


Suvanto Care system learns a person’s routines and circadian rhythm, and concludes whether the behaviour is abnormal. This will determine if the senior sleeps poorly, exercises too little or does not eat well.

Emergency Phone

With the help of a Suvanto Emergency Phone you can quickly call for help. The Emergency Phone is extremely easy to use and reliable!


Suvanto On-Call is alert at all times! It offers a modern way of receiving and handling safety alarms from customers.

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