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Our story

Suvanto Care is a safety company whose main priority is to strengthen safety in the home of the seniors, both in cities and sparsely populated areas. Values based on responsible operations are the cornerstones of our company, which can be used to provide quality services that facilitate the daily life of various users, both private and public sector.

Safety is one of a person’s basic needs, under which they are able to grow and develop into a balanced person. Strengthening the sense of safety at different ages often requires different means or instruments. Various safety companies offer safety-enhancing products that can help eliminate feelings of insecurity both at home and elsewhere.

There is a growing need worldwide to support seniors living at home. The seniors currently make up 25% of the adult population in the Nordic countries. This number will rise to over 40% already in 2030 and 45% in 2050. In addition, 13–21% of the adult population in the Nordic countries have some form of disability that hinders living.

Enthusiasm drives the company’s development forward

Suvanto Care is a safety company founded in Rovaniemi in 2014. Years of development work has sought to address a shortcoming that has been strongly felt in the care sector – a service solution that covers safe and full-fledged living at home for the seniors. Today’s technology can do many things, so why not strengthen the safety of the seniors at home as well?

The founder and current CEO of the company is Antti Haukipuro, whose diverse expertise in various fields of technology creates a strong foundation for a growing company. His education, focused on information technology (FM), has been promoting the modern approach of Suvanto Care services of safety devices for the seniors and living at home.

The other owner of the company, Olli Göös Olli Göös, works as a sales director in marketing. Both owners have a strong understanding of the direction in which the company’s operations should be directed – closer to people and as easy to implement as possible.

Safety company that invests in responsibility and sustainability

Suvanto Care’s aim is to respond to the growing need for care by developing such a strong foundation for the safety of the seniors that home care is also seen on the public side as the easiest and cheapest way to care for the growing number of seniors.

Responsibility is one of the values driven by Suvanto Care. It involves a lot, because responsible activities include caring for others, taking care of environmental issues and promoting the company’s affairs. Behind responsibility is a strong desire to develop the company’s operations to be people-oriented and to produce satisfied customers around the world.

The sustainability of Suvanto Care’s operations includes ecological, economic and social sustainability, which means that all operations are always based on these factors. As a wellness technology company, Suvanto Care is also preventing congestion in health and social work. As a forward-looking company, it ensures a safer future for each of us with modern technology.

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