In a Suvanto village, those living and going out alone are taken care of with the help of technology


Did you know that, among the elderly, the most common reasons for needing institutional care are loneliness, feeling unsafe, and health concerns?

In a Suvanto® village, all the inhabitants live safely in the way they wish, usually in their own homes. Even the elderly can live safely at home, because the people taking care of them constantly receive information about their well-being. The unnecessary worries of both close relatives and caretakers are eliminated when, thanks to Suvanto, the changes occurring in the well-being of inhabitants needing support can be intervened even preemptively if something alarming is detected.

In a Suvanto-supported village, information obtained from Suvanto is utilized in evaluating ability to function and in directing care services. Data can move between client, care provider, doctor, and close relatives even over distant connections, when considering the need for support and care of those living alone.

And if something out of the ordinary still happens in the everyday life of one living or going out alone, the helpers are immediately informed, and help will be there as quickly as possible. The helper can, unlike in the traditional care service model, also be a relative, friend, or even a volunteer worker, because care responsibilities can be divided easily and smoothly through Suvanto to all necessary parties. The latest information on the well-being of the inhabitant and possible alarms always reaches all the relevant people simultaneously.

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